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        Environment-friendly Fiber

        Adhering to the concept of low carbon and environmental protection, JOFO uses the recycled PET bottles as the basic raw material of hollow conjugate fiber, vigorously promotes the development of green and sustainable economy and provides warm and comfortable enjoyment for people’s lives.

        Hollow conjugate fiber

        • Adopting unsymmetrical cooling shaped technology, the fiber has shrinkage effect in its section and comes into being permanent spirality tridimensional curl with good puff.
        • With high-quality imported bottle flakes , advanced facilities, strict quality detective method, and perfect management system ISO9000, our fiber is of good resilience and strong pull.
        • Owing to unique material formula, our fiber has better elasticity. With imported finishing oil, our fiber has excellent hand-feeling and anti-static effect.
        • Good and moderate void degree not only guarantees the softness and lightness of fibre but also achieves good warming preservation effect.
        • It is innoxious chemical fiber with the stable performance. Different from animal and vegetable fibers like quill-coverts and cotton which are easily perished, our fiber is friendly to the environment and has gained the label of OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100.
        • Its heat insulation rate is 60% higher than that of cotton fiber, and its service life is 3 times longer than that of cotton fiber.

        Product application:

        • Main raw material for spray bonded and thermal bonded padding
        • Stuffing material for sofas, quilts, pillows, cushions, plushtoys, etc.
        • Material for plush fabric

        Product specifications:

        Fineness: 0.8D - 25D

        Length: 32mm - 70mm

        Type: nonsiliconized, siliconized, semi-siliconized, flame retardant, antibacterial

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